2014 Parade of Homes

Recap of the Parade

This year, we had the wonderful opportunity to design and furnish house number 11 in the 24th annual St. George Parade of Homes. The parade spanned from February 14th to the 23rd. This event brought a huge amount of people to our community, making many of the local businesses very happy. This year’s parade included 28 visually stunning homes, each outfitted with the most up to date and elegant amenities. Here are a few images from house eleven. To see more, visit our site.

5 Decorating Rules To Ditch

Old Rule #1: Use a room as it was intended.

Many homes have formal dining rooms that we only end up using a couple of times a year. Why not convert it into something you can appreciate more often? Try converting the dining room into an office, or a playroom. A home should be comfortable, so utilize every square inch of space!

Old Rule #2: Furniture styles should match.

"If you layer a space with color, texture, and array of styles, your decor choices will have a much longer life," says designer Vicente Wolf. Keeping multiple styles of furniture will increase the longevity of your space and keep your rooms from getting locked into one theme.

Old Rule #3: All rooms need a rug.

Many believe that rugs can help anchor a room. Although this can be true, removing them can also really open a room up. "Bare wood and stone floors can be just as beautiful," says designer Eric Cohler.

Old Rule #4: Small spaces require small furnishings.

 A small room filled with small furniture can actually make a room seem smaller than it is. Don't be afraid to use big furniture. Use two large items to anchor the room together, just keep proportion in mind.

Old Rule #5: Never paint wooden furniture.

This used to be a big no-no. But today, more and more are doing this.  Often, we love the sentimental value of antiquities, but their look can be outdated.  So, why not paint your furniture if painting it will make you love and use it more?